You too can be a dwarf!

Programme of the festival includes multiple interesting events. Słodowa Island will become a Dwarf City. Visitors will get a chance to look inside a dwarf’s home and take a glance of their everyday activities. You’ll be able to bake cookies, chop some wood and mend socks with dwarves. At the fairy-tale land at Lower Silesia’s Public Library children will listen to some stories about the little citizens of Wrocław and then play together with them. Adults will surely be amazed by the exhibition named “Big World” located at our Market Square. Everyday items used by dwarves will be brought to life thanks to actors dressed as the little fellows. The first day will be concluded by a triumphant march at which dwarves are going to demand their rights to everlasting sunshine and long beards. Everyone is invited to join it.

On Saturday the Dwarf City will open its gates once again. At 12:00 noon sharp a dwarves’ bike tour will take place at the Market Square. Requirements for participants: bicycles and smiles. At the same time at Multikino Pasaż Grunwaldzki, our cabaret improvisations review “Dwarfisations 2011” will start. After the review an evening cabaret gala has been planned. Younger fans of dwarves shall then return to the fairy-tale land, to hear some more fascinating stories and legends.

The Dward Festival is one of the most important events regarding the city’s public image. Dwarves have permanently joined the landscape of Wrocław. A common celebration of this symbol is a great way to bring guests and citizens of Lower Silesia together.