Wypłatnik’s back!

It’s not certain where he’s been during all these weeks. Some say the dwarf has not been kidnapped, but cashed a lot of money and took a holiday! Right now, we can’t tell if it’s true but we promise our envoys will soon investigate into that and publish the results on the website. Meanwhile, the Dwarf City is celebrating the mysterious comeback of Wypłatnik. Although dead tired, the dwarf is not concealing the joy of dwelling in the cash machine again.

On our part, we would like to thank you, Big Humans, for your concern and support shown during that difficult period of uncertainty. Many words of comfort reached us and the inhabitants of Wrocław eagerly contributed to the searching of the missing dwarf.

Thank you! Simultaneously, everyone is welcome to visit the Market Square where it’s possible to speak to the money-loving dwarf again.