Wrocław Zoo is hosting a baby camel

Mały wielbłąd fot. ZOO Wrocław

The little one was given birth to by a camel called Aisha. 22nd of June is the World Day of the Camel so the surprise of the zoo workers and visitors was even bigger. Carers at the zoo have waited 17 years for this baby.

It is the first time in 17 years that a camel has been born in Wrocław Zoo. The father of the little male camel is Ramzes, an animal brought from Germany, while his mother is Aisha, a camel from Greece. They are both dromedaries.

The hump allows camels to walk up to 160 km in the heat without drinking water. Necessary fat is gathered in the hump and in difficult conditions it is transformed in energy. What is more, camels sweat very little and so they do not need much humidity to survive. Thus, even a tiny plant containing enough liquid can provide survival for few weeks.

However, if a camel is very thirsty, it can drink up to 130 liters in just a quarter of an hour.

The little camel can already be seen in Wrocław Zoo.