Wrocław, the city of friendly people! Join us

21st November is World Hello Day, enacted in 1973 in the United States, as a call for peace. The custom was picked up in other countries. Including Poland!

Wrocław has been organizing the Hello Day campaign for 9 years. We have contributed to spreading positive energy, smiles and fighting intolerance. This year we want to connect generations! Listen, talk, try to understand – this is this year’s campaign slogan. Our goal is to break stereotypes about young people among the elderly and about seniors among the young, as well as the exchange of knowledge and skills. We want to show areas where young and elderly people can learn something from each other.

We want to encourage intergenerational dialogue – by listening, talking and trying to understand each other during workshops, debates and meetings within the framework of this year’s World Hello Day.

World Hello Day involves lots of meetings, interviews and special actions. You will meet new people and will be able to talk about important topics. Move off the couch and see what we have planned this year!

See the schedule of the World Hello Day 2014