Withdrawer is missing – whoever saw, whoever knows…

One of our facebook friends informed us about kidnaping of Withdrawer on Wrocław Dwarves’ fanpage . Nobody saw anything nor heard anything. Municipal CCTV’s also turned out useless. The case is extremely mysterious – this is the second kidnapping of one of our dwarf brothers (remember the famous kidnapping Raccoon of the Oder?). Do we have to deal with the serial kidnapper of Wroclaw dwarves?

Description of the missing dwarf: a few dozen feet tall, wearing distinctive pointed hat, he was dressed in a jacket and trousers in graphite – copper – colour and he wore shoes decorated with a sharp crest. He had a large sum of money and a set of credit cards with him. The picture of the missing dwarf can be found next to the text.

Anyone who has seen Withdrawer recently or has information that can help us find the lost dwarf is asked for an urgent contact with Papa’s Dwarf (or the nearest police station.) It is also possible to contact us by e-mail (redakcja@krasnale.pl or go to the fanpage on Facebook.com ). A person who can help us find Withdrawer can count on the undying gratitude of all dwarfs, an exclusive invitation to the underground Dwarf City for the joint dinner and a handful of dwarf gadgets.

We are counting on you!