Why is the dwarf doing time?

As you may remember the dwarf called Więziennik (Prisoner) has already been accused of committing diverse crimes many times in the past. It has been said that he used to steal barrels full of liquor from dwarf village just to drink it greedily in some dark corners of Sukiennice. Another rumour says that it was the Dwarf King who sentenced Leniuszek (Lazybones) to never ending time in prison (Prisoner used to be called Lazybones just before he got into prison) because he arrived late to the annual celebration of ‘Last Year Summary Summit’. It is also believed that Więziennik (Prisoner) was put into prison because he broke into the City Hall and stole the designs for a fountain.We, the members of the Thinkers Board, officially declare that all these accusations are completely untrue! Here’s the true story.

In the 1980s the dwarf Więziennik (at those times he used to be called Pędzelek – Tiny Brush) performed function of the deputy of An Oppositionist. Together they organized some breathtaking sabotage actions. Their purpose was to interrupt policemen covering the anticommunist slogans with paint. An Oppositionist together with Pędzelek (Tiny Brush) drew some dwarf figures on the spots of fresh paint. Unfortunately after few brilliant actions they were caught red-handed by ZOMO officers. An Oppositionist, who had about six times longer legs, managed to escape but Tiny Brush got arrested. The authorities of People’s Republic of Poland accused Pędzelek (Tiny Brush) of acting to the detriment of the communist system and sentenced the dwarf oppositionist for life.When the communist system collapsed, the dwarfs wanted to set Pędzelek (Tiny Brush) free. How were they surprised when they came to pick him up and heard instead: Beloved brothers! I have had enough adventures and excitement in my dwarf life! I would like to celebrate my old years in peace. And here I have all I need – friendly passerby feed me, cute girls give me a kiss on the nose, nice boys bring me few bottles of liquor from time to time. I have peace of mind and got nothing to do while my legend is growing up as quick as my tummy. All in all, I’ll stay here! – The dwarf concluded with a definite voice.The dwarf brothers weren’t happy with his decision but they had to accept it. That is why Więziennik (Prisoner), who used to be called Pędzelek (Tiny Brush), has been occupying  the barred window on the Więzienna Street of his own free will for almost twenty years now. What is more, this is one of the unique cases when a dwarf got involved in politics and especially the politics of Big People.  Wrocław Dwarf Board