Where can one find a live nativity scene in Wrocław?

fot. Flickr.com./benjamin_scott_florin/CC

From Christmas Eve onwards there have been live nativity scenes in several parishes in Wrocław, including animals from the city zoo.

In a living nativity scene you can admire a sheep, a donkey, a horse and a calf. The largest and most popular live nativity scene is located on Wittiga Street in the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Consolation. In addition to the animals you can see statues of saints. The scene can be visited daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

In addition to Wittiga Street, live nativity scenes can be seen in the church of Andrzej Bobola on Koszalińska Street and in the church of Wawrzyniec on Żernicka Street.