What do dwarfs read?

However, they refuse to read invaluable time-eaters – for example the Schop and Hauer’s works were classified as belle-lettres and now they are read only in spare time.

The real celebration among dwarfs started when the historical book collection of Dwarf Literature in the basements of municipal library was found. Since then all the dwarfs seemed to be completely absorbed by reading the volumes full of poems, epigrams or anthems. The facts remain that there were also some masterpieces of such literary geniuses as Szekspirek (Small Shakespeare) or Norwidek (Little Norwid) among the discovered collection of books.

A few historical works were also found. The dwarfs treat them with appropriate respect but they aren’t a matter for rough debates. Generally speaking, the political and historical issues are not the reasons to argue about among dwarfs. The strong belief in their own tradition is what helps them. A couple of innovative political works were brought by Leninek, but those didn’t manage to attract interest and are treated – as well as their author – as a bizarre phenomenon which seems to be better kept for a distance.