Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 9

Well, well, well – who would have thought that our trip will be so popular that even TVP will show some interest in it? And yet, tomorrow, that is on Friday 16th July, just before the start of the tour “Is this a fairy-tale or not … Wroclaw dwarf stories about the spirit of scarce street vendor, the black cat and the bridge of penitents” the television cameras will appear at the scene. Large journalists will make a short documentary about us, about the trip itself and the people who take part in them. It will be certainly very nice. Personally I can not wait to perform in television. I have always had, as people say, “pressure on the glass”.But do not worry, I’m not going to dominate this reportage. Everyone will be able, of course, if he would like to, to share their experiences before the camera. From a well-informed source, I know that many of my brothers are already preparing themselves for the tomorrow’s visit of the reporters. I hope the weather will be fine, because there are apparently some violent storms approaching Wrocław. But let us be of good cheer!

Remember, we are meeting on 16th July at 5.40 pm (instead of 6 pm!) next to the Church of Mary Magdalene at Szewska Street. Not without reason I recall this collection point – my human friends from the website krasnale.pl have earlier whispered in my ear that you often ask about the point where the tours start. See you tomorrow!