Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 8

Well, one sunny day we all sat at Papa Dwarf’s place and talked about our friendship with humans and their interest in our fate. – Almost every day, a passerby asks me sadly, “Why are you serving your time here, poor thing?” – said Prisoner Dwarf.- People still ask me about the mysterious disappearance from couple of months ago. – added Raccoon of the Oder.

– Yes, yes, we are also still asked by people about that ball, which we wrestle. – admitted Sisyphus dwarf. – Each single day someone actually asks me why I love Wroclaw city so much. – added WrocLover.

Papa Dwarf heard these words and analyzed them in his thoughts. After a long pause of reflection he said: – Listen, dear brothers! If you say that people are so interested in our fates and happy to hear about them more, let’s organize a trip. A friend of ours could be a guide who would tell our guests about our dwarf history and show where we normally live. What do you think about that?- Great idea, Papa! We will not be bored anymore at last! Cool, there will be someone to talk to! – we heard loud cries. Not wasting time anymore, we quickly got in touch with friends from the City Promotion Office and presented them our idea. I will say immodestly: they were thrilled! They immediately organized subscriptions for 50 trips (The complete list can be found here ), and after the first 25 seats on each of them were sold out like hot cakes, they decided to increase the pool of seats to 50 for all trips.

If have not enrolled yet, then do it as quickly as possible, because any moment the trips might run out of free places. Enroll by fulfilling this special form!