Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 13

We spent the entire day collecting money on the Market Square and near the Aquapark. The money we gathered has been transferred to the Children’s Hospice of Wrocław. We also organized an extraordinary auction in the City Brewery where we sold the precious items generously offered us by the Big Humans. The items included: the basketball balls signed by the Śląsk Wrocław basket legends, the books with Dalai Lama’s autograph and other precious souvenirs. And if you didn’t manage to bid anything back then, don’t worry as you can do this via the Internet! There was a lot going on in Wrocław on 21st November! All those art workshops, theatre plays, gourmet meals prepared by the chefs from the Lower Silesian Culinary Lounge, gigs… Believe me, the fifth Day of Kindness will surely be remembered as one of the most successful.

Cordial thanks to each and every member of my Kin(d) Folk!See you next year!