Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 12

It is obvious that because of my very quickly approaching holiday (I wrote more on the Day of Kindness in the last post ) I first shared the information about the state of preparations for the event with dwarf community.

The Silesian told us about that what happens in the sport milieu in Wroclaw (he is called by some Big People „a supporter”). Unfortunately, it is not rosy. Musicians lost in the midweek match against Legia Warszawa (1:2) and were eliminated from the competition of the Polish Cup. But the Silesian asked people not  to feel discouraged by these not very impressive results achieved by our footballers. The Silesian also convinced us that we should numerously come to the derby with Lower Silesia versus Basin Lubin on Saturday. The dwarfs are coming, are you?

Unusual things happen supposedly in the Aquapark. As Moczypięta (Wet Foot) and Chlapibrzuch (Splashy Belly) dwarfs reported to us, there has been a new multimedia slide launched at the pool. There are apparently some real miracles and delights! Music, lights, visuals, water curtains! Slide is more than 100 meters long and 16 meters tall. After sliding down, you fall straight into a huge strawberry and then into a „lazy river”. Moczypięta and Chlapibrzuch were just delighted. Therefore, all we are all going to the Wroclaw Water Park in the near future to test this wonder!

The Carer Dwarf, a friend of all children, reminded me that the „Światowid” Centre for Creative Activities has launched the contest for the youngest kids. It is a contest for the sculpture’s project of my twin brother, the Światowidek – Życzliwek dwarf. In addition, the Carer Dwarf asked to recall, that during the Day of Kindness we will be collecting coins for the children from the Wroclaw Hospice for Children. Do not forget to throw some money. Have you been on my profile on Facebook? Yours Well-Wisher Dwarf