Well-Wisher’s Blog – coming back on Facebook!

Instantaneous Facebook banishment has been due to a rather restrictive approach of the administrators of this site – apparently there are no dwarfs in Palo Alto and it have not come into anybody’s head that there live such small sprites in a remote city called Wroclaw, who in addition can enjoy the Internet and also want to establish their profiles on Facebook. They found (horror of horrors!) that I am a fictitious figure and after that they removed my account.

But it is not that bad … I can not have a profile, but I can have a fanpage! And from a couple of days I have been back as a full legitimate user of this popular networking site. The difference is one – I am no longer acquiring new friends, I just generate fans. Do not think that this is due to my vanity or self-confidence – just generally prevailing rules on Facebook allow me for choosing just such a solution.

I encourage you to visit my page and click on “like” button (which in fact means nothing more than the conclusion of a virtual friendship with me.) For now, my fanpage is just spinning, but I promise you great surprises and lots of news!  You can take part in a special competition held at the fanpage of the website Krasnale.pl to celebrate my return to the Internet. I invite you to both of these fansites! Well-Wisher Dwarf