We now have 300 dwarfs in Wrocław

Today European the Dwarf was unveiled. He can be admired on Piłsudski Street at the European Hotel. The Dwarf will greet the tourists who decide to visit Wrocław.

The ceremony began with a dwarfish bugle-call played by Dixie Tiger’s Band.

“Wrocław becomes a European city and foreign tourists are heard on the streets of the city increasingly often. It is precisely the people who visit our city that infect it with a European climate. In 2016, Wrocław will become European Capital of Culture, and in the month of May we celebrate the 10th anniversary of joining the European Union. The emergence of ‚European’ fits perfectly with these celebrations” says Bartosz Gebela, CEO of Cohm and the hotel manager.

The dwarf was designed by Beata Zwolańska-Hołod, who created various other Wrocław dwarfs.

fot. Magdalena Reyman

“It has been a few years since the dwarfs became a showcase and a symbol of our city. The route from the Railway Station to the New Capitol Theater, was always missing some European” adds Marek Mikłaszewski, Wrocław dwarf forum administrator.

After the ceremonial unveiling of the new dwarf there was a time for a meal with a glass of champagne and good live music, which was provided by Dixie Tiger’s Band.