We know when the ‘dwarf trips’ are!

Would you like to know all about the Wrocław dwarfs’ unique and fabulous stories? Or maybe you are interested in their riddles? There is a little something for everyone who loves these ‘wee brown men’.

The first trip to track the Wrocław dwarfs will take place on June 28th. You will be able to sign up three weeks before the trip. There are several ‘dwarf trips’ to choose from, each on a different theme. One of the routes we are about to plan for children with their parents will lead to finding out about where particular Wrocław dwarfs came from.

And we are planning a game – hare and hounds. Dwarfs will leave various clues and tips around the city, and the task will be to guess the dwarf’s identity.

Our plans also include walks for children from 5 to 8, during which kids will meet the most interesting dwarfs and find out what they eat, how they spend their free time and how they actually came to be living in Wrocław.

All the tour dates, along with times and details can be found here: