Two New Dwarves in Wrocław

Two new residents of the city appeared at 2/4 St. Anthony Street – a dwarf in dreadlocks with drums and a dwarf with a saxophone. The city has announced a competition for the names for the new dwarves.

The Mayor of Wrocław, Rafal Dutkiewicz, appeared during the official unveiling of the new dwarves. He played the drums together with the musician Jose Torres. The City Hall of Wrocław founded the two new residents – a total cost of about 6 thousand zł, and they were made according to the idea of Jose Torres.

The dwarves are to show that Wrocław is open to other cultures. The new residents can be found in the Pokoyhof Passage (2/4 St. Anthony Street, after the entry into the yard), where there is Jose Torres’ dance school. The Passage is located at the Quarter of Four Denominations, also known as the Tolerance Quarter.

The competition will soon be announced for the names for the new residents of Wrocław.