Traveller’s Tale (for slightly older children)

When he reached the entrance of the Dwarf City he noticed a Guard who raised his hooded head and looked at him thoroughly. The Guard remained speechless for a moment but in the next second he rapidly opened the gate to the basement. The Dwarf went confidently through an array of corridors and eventually stopped in front of several storey high historic tenement house which was typical for the early architecture of the Dwarf City. He raised his head and read the impressive inscription with a smile on his face: „Dwarf Traveller Geographical Society”.

Everyone in the entrance hall went silent at the same moment the legendary founder of the Society entered the building. Once accustomed to encounter with a figure of long-lost Dwarf Traveller they began to flip through requests for at least one story of his adventures. Dwarf was not to be long to ask. He sat in the chair, lit his pipe and began a story:

Each trip can be either the fulfilment of the dreams that you have not dreamed yet or the dreams about which you even have not had time to think about yet. The greatest journey I made was in the times when dwarfs were already familiar with places further than the Great Sea and lands called by humans Asia and Africa. It was not a very far journey but really extraordinary, happy and sad at the same time. This was in the heyday of the dwarves reign in the Eastern lands full of vast prairies and green hills intersected by rivers’ blue waters.

On those Eastern borderlands flourished small settlements and beautiful towns built by the dwarves. I also saw a beautiful city planned with great care full of fabulously decorated buildings and streets leading to the great square. Next to the square you could see the ascendant palace and the most brilliant market that you could imagine.Merchants from all over the world came there, every stall moved me in a different region of the globe. The city attracted all, its legend was so strong that each dwarf dreamed to see it just once. Many also dreamed about studying at the greatest of all universities, which formed a part of the legend of this Eastern metropolis. However, as you know, our fates are linked to the fate of humans. Even the best-hidden among the mountains or forests city could not survive one thing – the storm of war, which does not spare anyone. Thrifty dwarves knew that the threat of the Great War is getting closer and they have taken the most dramatic decision in the history without waiting for the destruction of the city.

They decided to leave the last above-ground city of dwarfs. My fate of a traveller attached me to the fate of many of them. They were those whom I had the honour to lead to our secure Underground Dwarf City. Since then the journey back home means to me more than it have ever meant. Now, when I see among you so many participants of that great migration, the more I am glad that you found your new home here.