This is how the Italian dwarf will look. See where he will live!

Wrocław will finally have an Italian dwarf. For the last few months, Marcello Murgia has worked hard to bring a dwarf to represent Italians who live in our city. The dwarf will now come – at the beginning of August it will settle on Więzienna Street.

In January we wrote about the initiative to create an Italian dwarf. In that period the funds necessary for creating the little dwarf were being collected through the PolakPotrafi portal. It was unknown then where the dwarf would stand and what he would look like.

It turned out to be impossible to gather the necessary sum, and only 40 % of it was in the account. As a result, all donations were returned to the donors. But soon after that Marcello initiated a similar initiative. This time, however, a ready draft of a dwarf and ideas about its location were intended to help in collecting the money.

And it went – shortly speaking – with ‚little’ problem. Thanks to the Indiegogo platform the necessary sum (1600 Euro) was collected within a month! 50 people have supported the project.

“Thanks to the drafts we were able to get the attention of those interested in the initiative, because it was possible to see the future dwarf, which encouraged them to support the project” says Marcello Murgia. The coverage on Italian television station RAI in which Marcello participated, and in which the initiative of Italians who live in Wrocław was promoted, was also a great support.

Our very detailed and scrupulous investigation has shown that the Italian dwarf is slowly lugging his southern luggage and already this summer he will walk into Wrocław. From unofficial sources we know that firstly, he will visit the area and make the acquaintance of the other dwarfs, and maybe teach them the basics of Italian. Next – this is already more official information – he will comfortably settle himself on Więzienna Street, where are quite many restaurants with Italian food. Having pizza, pastas and desserts at hand he will surely find himself at home in our city!