There will be a new dwarf in Wrocław!

A new dwarf called Shomol will soon appear at the Wrocław Philharmonic building. You will be able to visit him from 5th December.

On 5th December at 6 pm on 19 Piłsudskiego Street, right at the Wrocław Philharmonic building, on the brick wall, a new citizen of the City of Dwarfs will be presented – Shomol. The new dwarf is a musician. His dream is to be near the place where one can hear the best music.

Maybe he will be inspired by the music and will carry the sound and melodies to his brothers so they will rejoice together? He has a magic baton and notes, because he wants to look like a real conductor. The unveiling the new figure will also be very classy, just like music which the dwarf is so passionate about. We invite you, therefore, at 6 pm, 5th December, in front of the Philharmonic!