There is a new dwarf in Wrocław. He is a real athlete!

Krasnal Sztangista fot. Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki

Another member has just joined the Wrocław dwarf family . And he’s not just anyone, but a real athlete who can easily lift even the heaviest weight. The dwarf came to the capital of Lower Silesia, on the occasion of the upcoming World Championships in weightlifting, and after the event he will be with us permanently!

Exactly 100 years ago, the 19th World Championship in weightlifting took place at the Wrocław Centennial Hall. A century has passed and the event is to take place within the walls of the very same building.

Even though the international competition will not start until Sunday October 20, Weightlifter dwarf has already arrived in our city and was officially presented during Tuesday’s press conference.

„This is the first competitor in the coming championship,” commented Szymon Kołecki, President of the Polish Association of Weightlifting, at the presentation.

The dwarf constantly holds a huge weight over his head, but as befits a true athlete, he is still optimistic and he shows no signs of fatigue.

Initially, he was going to live at the gates of Centennial Hall, but in the end it was decided that after the championship he will settle permanently at the Śląsk hotel, our city’s most sport- facility.

He will certainly not feel lonely there, because Silesian dwarf lives just round the corner, next to the clubhouse at. Oporowska Street.