The winners of the New Year’s competition – part I

As we got to know from sources close to Papa Dwarf, the passionate discussions on the submitted poems lasted for three days and three nights in the underground city of dwarves. As is often the case on the occasion of such contests, each member of the jury had his favourite candidate and no one wanted to step down and go for a compromise. In the end they managed to reach the agreement and the Great Dwarf Council elected the coolest poem (the author of this poem received a book called “The smaller size of the city”) and admitted three additional awards.

Today we present you the three highlighted lyrics. Tomorrow you will be noticed what the winning poem is and we will show you a very nice addition – a surprise associated with that poem. Meanwhile, we invite you to read three poems, which were really very close to win the main prize. Here they are:

Jagoda Barteczko

„I’ll see at last the city of dwarves‘cause I found a new job!
– suddenly, no time remaining,
I found myself on a training.
I am walking down the street
-Something small under my feet!
My leg hurts, what was that?
Look, a dwarf has just sat.
I think ‘It can’t be true,
Maybe it’s some magic clue’?
At the fountain, in the street,
Someone’s still  following me!
I come closer, what an awesome view!
Dwarf is holding flowers which bloom!
And it is not all I see,
Suddenly he’s smiling at me!
I am walking down the streets,
More and more dwarves all around me!
I spent fourteen days like that,
Each day dozens of photos I made.
I was not really tired at all,
I saw dwarves – more and more!
In the end I went to EMPIK store,
To buy a guide book there.
I was checking every place,
A dwarf here, a dwarf there:
Prisoner, Smith and Theatre Dwarf,
Then two Sisyphes and a Snore.
But I knew it can’t be forever long,
It was hard to me to return home…
Over the passing months,
I was longing after dwarves.
Finally my husband was kind to say:
Let’s spend there a weekend in May!
And listen my dear friends:
We’ve found 123 dwarves over there.
We went to a nice hotel,
I can’t tell you the details.
But now I have own dwarf in my tummy,
I am gonna be a mummy!
He will be born in upcoming days.
And Wroclaw? He’ll love the place.
Soon we’re coming back again,
We’ll present you our little babe.
Meanwhile, we send you our big love,
And Jacob is on his way here, his home…”

Aleksandra Rubińska

Dwarves are really tiny cuties,
Have their own small booties,
In the booties they keep small feet,
That’s the way they live. Their bodies may not be tall,
But their hearts aren’t small.
They always make us smile and laugh,
They invite guests to have a lot of fun.
There is plenty of them on Earth,
They are popular everywhere.
Everyone loves them very deeply,
They make us happy very quickly.

Paulina Grycz

There was a city named Wroclaw,
In Wroclaw there was a Market Square,
And there was always quite a fuss there.
What for?Why?You may ask for sure.
It’s them! The dwarves conquered the city centre.
Small, nimble, ubiquitous,
Powerful, stubborn and helpful.
Sleepyhead, Sisyphe, Post Dwarf, Pigeon Keeper,
Butcher, Bard, Solidarity Dwarf and Prisoner.
Everyone knows them and everybody loves them,
These are our little greedy-guts –
our pride – our Wroclaw Dwarves!