The Well-Wisher’s Blog – episode 6

I decided to talk to the Carer Dwarf about the Children’s Day – he’s the greatest friend of the kids who looks after them carefully every day and accompanies toddlers by a variety of wacky games. Let me, therefore, become a dwarf reporter for a few minutes and make a short interview with the Carer Dwarf.

“The children are the greatest creatures on Earth” – says the Carer Dwarf.

The Well-Wisher Dwarf: Dear Carer Dwarf, why do you like children so much?

The Carer Dwarf: What a silly question, dear Well-Wisher Dwarf! How could you even ask? For everything! They are always smiling, playful and willing to goof around. They are incredibly creative, have a vivid imagination and do not care about anything. They also like sweets and sodas and are able to enjoy even the smallest things – and even if they cry, it is enough that I hug them for a moment and they cease immediately.I bet the kids are the greatest beings on this planet, and probably on the others too!

Well-Wisher Dwarf: Dear Carer Dwarf, you take care of children every day. Please, tell the Big People, where they can actually meet you and explain what specifically is your responsibility.

Carer Dwarf: You’re right, dear Well-Wisher Dwarf! The day care for the youngest brings the meaning and essence to my life. There is a place in Wroclaw, at the Parkowa Street, called the Children’s Home. Babies wronged by fate find shelter there – especially those who can not live with their parents or need some other assistance. And I try, along with the staff of the House,  to give them a normal childhood, possibly a carefree and joyous one. I am always there for those kids who want to talk, laugh or cry. I always have a good word for them or I offer some advice. I love to talk to them, and when I see that a boy or a girl is smiling, the whole of my heart rejoices. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than looking at a happy child.

Well-Wisher Dwarf: Please, tell me Dear Carer Dwarf, whether you are willing to meet with the children who do not normally live in the Children’s House?

Carer Dwarf: Yes, of course. I keep watch on guard 24 hours a day and I always find time for each child. Whether you want to talk about serious matters or just fool around with me, feel free to join me. I invite you to my place at the Parkowa street, where surely you can find me easily.

Well-Wisher Dwarf: Thank you, dear Carer Dwarf, I know you have a lot of responsibilities, so I will no longer bother you. Come back to your kids!

Carer Dwarf: Thank you, dear Well-Wisher Dwarf! It was such a great pleasure to get interwieved for the first time in my life!

PS. Hey, kids, I am not quite sure whether you know that, but you can really see for yourself what it takes to live a dwarf’s life! Don’t you believe me? Play the interactive dwarf game where you can impersonate my character for a moment and help us catch the malicious Goblin of the Oder.