The Prisoner from Prison Street

The Prisoner (then known as the Glutter) and the Dumpling Dwarf (Pierożnik) were once inseparable. Both came to Wrocław seduced by outstanding flavour of local dumplings. They could steal them from naive tourists. But their friendship was put to an end after the Glutton had eaten his friend’s dumplings.Pilfering food from Big Humans is not seen as abhorrent in a dwarf world, it’s just a sort of hobby. To  rob a fellow dwarf is a serious crime, though. As the dwarf tribe of Wrocław is a rather tolerant one that hopes for rehabilitation of criminals, the Glutter was sentenced to community service. He was responsible for keeping an eye on the kettles full of clabbering milk.As everybody knows, it takes a dwarf to pee into the milk to make clabber.

The assignment turned out to be too hard for him. The dwarf kept on drinking all the milk, making it impossible for others to perform one of their key responsibilities. Finally, the Council of Dwarfs decided to imprison him in Prison Street.

And he’s stayed there until now, his name almost forgotten by the folk. Old court reports are the only place where it can still be found. Now he goes by the name of Prisoner. However, he keeps the passion for food, file cake being his favourite meal.