The Motorcyclist

Even though he likes to ride the streets of Wrocław on his motorcycle, you’re most likely to meet him under Mary Magdalene’s Cathedral on Szewska Street. It’s the meeting place of motorcycle fans, where they discuss their favourite issue. Group’s tiniest member, the dwarf, is always willing to advise or comfort his friends and give them a hand anytime they need it. ‘My dwarf brothers ask me to take them for a ride from time to time. However, knowing how hard it is, I never allow them to ride the motorcycle on their own. It’s always a pleasure for me to take them with me and drive the streets of our beautiful city, though’, says the dwarf. The idea of inviting him to join the dwarf tribe was born in Wrocław Motorcycle Association ‘Wratislavia Bikers’. Their effort and commitment resulted in the first dwarf of Wrocław to have a driving licence.