The Illuminator

As we know, dwarves are pretty conservative and frown at technological novelties and progress. Illuminator is an exception – he stays informed about state-of-the-art technologies. No surprise as they’re indispensable for his work. This is why he works on a laptop and stays awake till late at night, with his lamp switched on. When does he sleep or take rest? Nobody knows the answer to this question. However, his diligence or even workaholism are not just an oddity. They’re a necessity. Without his immense effort the City of Dwarves would have been dark as a dungeon, there would be no electrical current and dwarfs would spend whole days sleeping, powerless, instead of helping people. This is the reason why Illuminator works so hard and resolves all electric power issues using his laptop.

Illuminator lives in the headquarters of EnergiaPro Gigawat company, 16 Powstańców Śląskich Square (Plac Powstańców Śląskich).