The Goblin of the Oder

Suddenly a small raft with a little tent made of sticks and a curved and bit rusty lantern emerged from behind the bend of the river. There was also a tiny busy creature to be seen on the back of this strange construction. Raccoon watched as the strange daredevil moves smoothly between the dangerous eddies of water.

Without further consideration Raccoon started giving signs to the newcomer that he should moor at Raccoon’s berth as soon as possible and avoid crossing the river in its most dangerous areas. The character on the raft turned back swiftly and let the left-hand side touch the shore.

Raccoon could finally take a closer look at the newcomer. At first glance he would state that an another new dwarf just came to Wroclaw. However, specifically pointed ears and sharp curved fingers raised considerable doubt on Raccoon. The doubt was not easily dispelled even after he heard the warm welcome from the guest who showered him at the start with a handful of jokes and stories that have not fully coincided with Raccoon’s taste.

Newcomer also assured him that he is the truest dwarf, his name is the Dwarf of the Oder (Krasnal Odrzański) and that he arrived to Wroclaw tempted by the stories about the magnificence of this city. Raccoon hastily decided to bring a guest to the residence of Papa Dwarf and the Great Council. Dwarf of the Oder almost immediately found there a well-disposed audience and gain sympathy of many dwarf leaders by telling many interesting stories and presenting his sense of humour. He was eventually only instructed by the Council that he should found a useful occupation in the upcoming days.After some time even Raccoon started to treat the newcomer with sympathy. However, there was one dwarf which was still having doubts concerning the Dwarf of the Oder. To the surprise of many dwarves it was the Well-Wisher dwarf (Życzliwek), who argued that the newcomer expresses insincere intentions. Despite of the great popularity of Well-Wisher, many small town residents treated him with a tongue in the cheek. They probably forgot how much does he actually know about dwarfs and humans. Dwarf community also somehow forgot about the order which the Dwarf of the Oder got from the Council. Not only did he fail to find any occupation after a few days, but after a few weeks he was still hanging out only in the inns. One day the Great Council reported a visit of the representative of humans with a disturbing message – inhabitants of houses situated mainly next to the Old  Market Square began to notice their various valuable items disappearing. Traces of burglary pointed to the fact that the thief had to be extremely small. Board members were indignant at the suggestion that a thief could be a dwarf, however, they decided to convene the meeting and address the issue. When Well-Wisher heard about the problem he decided to act on his own. For the entire day he sat locked in the archives made available for him by the Ossolinek Dwarf and he looked for the traces of similar stories in the past. After many hours of searching Well-Wisher ran into something which caused him real consternation. He grabbed one of the books and immediately rushed to the headquarters of the Council. The story which he found in the archives would cause anxiety among many dwarf daredevils. It turned out that the city was inhabited by a goblin, who not only did not hesitate to lie and impersonate dwarfs, but was not afraid to use very dangerous magic which allowed him to create false trust environment. The wise book, fortunately, gave advice on how to deal with an unwanted trickster.Well-Wisher’s premonitions and the strength of his conviction, fortunately, proved to be stronger than the impact of the Gnome of the Oder. The dwarfs managed to catch him and fix the damage caused to the people. Great Council also decided that the Gnome will be thrown into a mountain stronghold so that he would be not able to cause danger to dwarves and their friends in the future.