The First Hotel for Stuff is Operating in Wrocław

Are you a student and find it impossible to fit all your belongings in the dorm? Or maybe you do not know where to store things during home renovation? You can always bring your stuff …to a hotel! This March, a self-service storage facility has opened in Wrocław.

The fashion for self-storage was brought to this country only recently. The first storage facilities were created in Warsaw in 2006, followed by Poznań and other Polish cities. These can be dubbed as “hotels for things”, where – with a key to your room – you can keep your things seasonally, or for long periods, having access to them at any time.

‘Self-storage is often an alternative to the attics of basements. Unlike this type of solutions, the items stored in the storage rooms are not exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures which can damage them,’ says Dorota Nowacka, district manager of Wrocław’s Kangu Self Storage.

Self-storage services are primarily used by people who want to find the right space to store their things, suited to their current needs. These include students who do not have enough space in the dorm, families looking for extra space outside their homes, as well as small and medium-sized companies who need to store goods and office equipment.

Self-storage can also be a solution for the time of reorganizing, renovating, or moving your office or flat. The varied sizes of the storage rooms allow you to keep both small and large items there, including bikes and motorbikes.

‘The rooms also allow you to store documents, books or sports equipment. The only limitations are for plants, animals, perishable foods, toxic substances, chemicals, and highly flammable substances,’ adds Dorota Nowacka.

The sizes of Wrocław’s self-service storage rooms range from 1 to 19 square meters. The facility is monitored and the customers receive special cards providing them with a safe and easy access to their things around the clock.

A self-service room, depending on your needs, can be rent for a month, or longer. The monthly rental cost is 65 zlotys. The facility is located at 70C Robotnicza Street in Wrocław, in the Archimedes.