The first banquetters

This story took place in the times you know well, during the Great Construction of the City of the Dwarfs. When Papa Dwarf announced the works were over, entire dwarf society rejoiced. The tiny inhabitants began to think of a suitable place for the feast. They chose the city’s main square but a problem emerged: there was too little room for all dwarfs and guests from all over the world on the underground Market Square. The Great Council of Dwarfs tried to do something about it. During a heated debate, somebody came up with a bold idea.

‘Let’s make the feast on the Market Square of Wrocław’, suggested the dwarf. The councillors fell silent for a while and found the concept mad. But it was the opinion of Papa Dwarf that counted most and he decided to consider the unusual idea.

‘If we prepare it well and throw the party at night when everyone is asleep, we may succeed’, the chief dwarf said.It was dwarf engineers’ turn to work then. Not only did they design fast-folding tables and glow-worm lamps but also thought of emergency ways and, most importantly, checked the time when there was no patrol on the Market Square. Preparation works were going excellent. On the day, after all guests had arrived and the time came, dwarfs made it quickly through special tunnels to the Market Square. At that very moment, one of the inhabitants of Wrocław was tossing and turning in his bed. He couldn’t sleep that night and was getting very angry. It was the master of the guild of lamplighters. After another hour, when the dawn was approaching, he decided to light the Market Square lanterns a bit earlier than usual. You can imagine how puzzled he was on the sight of the Market Square full of tiny creatures sitting at the tables. The dwarfs were equally surprised as they managed to forget about the people fast asleep so close to them. Meanwhile, the light woke up other inhabitants of the Market Square who looked at the dwarfs in disbelief, their eyes wide open. The Mayor happened to be among them and spoke to Papa Dwarf, slightly stunned. This is how the first period of human-dwarf friendship in Wrocław began. It went through a lot of hardship in the years that followed, but this is another story and another fairytale. After all these years, night feasts of dwarfs and people are coming back!