The Day of Kindness is getting closer

Among others, there is the exhibition of the Kind Światowidek Dwarf sculpture projects and the competition related, the dwarf fashion show, the open air exhibition ‘The Dwarves of Wrocław’ and Dwarf TV Studio. To start with!

This year’s Day of Kindness, we collect money for the toddlers from the hospice in Wrocław. Detailed agenda below.

Join the kind!

The Day of Kindness 2010, agenda:

Obiekt Galeria, 11 AM to 4 PM•    Stalls:- Handicraft by the people from Blessed Father Damian Foundation     –  FALANSTER bookshop •    The exhibition of ‘Kindness every day’ winning works by students from Wrocław schools •    ‘Grasnal’ (The Dwarf Game) board game•    Clay workshops run by the Youth Culture Centre ‘Fabryczna’•    The exhibition of the works participating in the competition for the design of Kind Światowidek Dwarf sculptureOpen Air scene, 11 AM to 3 PM•    Auction – the money go to Wrocław Children Hospice •    Decision in art competition and handing prizes to the participants of the ‘Kindness every day’ contest•    Decision in the art competition for the design of Kind Światowidek Dwarf.•    Culinary show hosted by cuisine masters of Polish Association of Chefs and Confectioners and Lower Silesian Culinary Lounge•    Youth Fashion Show by Lower Silesian Children and Youth Help Association ‘OSTOJA’•    Dwarf Fashion Show by FORMALINA art group•    Dance performance by ATOMÓWKI and BLUE STAR cheerleaders and PINK STARS from Youth Cultural Education CentreSide events, 11 AM to 4 PM•    The presentation of fire engine and police car•    Trial rescue action by the Wrocław Academy of First Aid and Lower Silesian College of Public Services ‘Asesor’•    Superintendent Lion’s Academy by Metropolita Police in Wrocław•    Urban family game ‘Dwarf’s fight for smile’ made by ‘Exploring Events’•    Open-air exhibition ‘The Dwarfs of Wrocław’•    SMAKOSZ (Polish: gourmet) garden of Lower Silesian Culinary Lounge•    ‘Animal Farm’ – meet the animals from the Wrocław ZOO•    ‘Kind Światowidek’s B-Day’, a project by Creative Action Centre ‘Światowid’•    Dwarf TV Studio – film production workshops by Framesound ProductionClub Lounge, 11 AM to 2 PMArt workshops run by Andrzej Tylkowski, design artist from Wrocław•    Art workshops run by Rupieciarnia group2 PM to 4.15•    Ceramics workshops by Unicat Ceramics Gallery and Studio – creating a live mosaicThe Concert Hall, 11 AM to 2 PM•    Children Music Stage – vocal and instrumental performance of the children of Grażyna Bacewicz Music School in Wrocław•    Sound Drivers – the concert of the young people of Lower Silesian Children and Youth Help Association ‘OSTOJA’The Nova Hall 11 AM to 2 PM•    The lounge full of books of Wrocław Metropolitan Library •    The Dwarf Club – book workshops and gamesThe Banquet Hall, 11 AM to 2 PM•    Fairytale train – animated cartoons for kids using the pieces of famous fairytales5 PM to 6.30 PM•    ‘Żelki’, the iron rulet of an elderly man – the play by Ad Specatores theatreThe lounge, start at 7 PM•    7 to 8 PM – Hoo Doo Band concert•    8 to 9.30 PM – Renata Przemyk & Band concert •    9.30 PM – The B.Y.M. – The Beautiful Young Men concert

What? The Day of Kindness 2010

When? 21st November

Where? Browar Mieszczański (City Brewery), 44-48 Hubska Street, Wrocław

Entry to all events is free!