The City of the Dwarfs

The dwarfs spent a whole year pushing wheelbarrows with their tiny hands down the underground corridors, digging kilometers of tunnels with their miniscule pickaxes and passing bricks from one little hand to the other.

It was worth it, though! Final effect beat even the boldest expectations. The city, shiny and new, won the heart of everyone who saw it and was breathtaking.

A stunningly beautiful palace was the city’s most important spot. Papa Dwarf, the spiritual leader of the dwarf tribe, moved in there. The palace was located in the charming market square where all dwarfs met once a day to eat supper together. They were always having a good laugh sitting at the table full of delicious dishes and dwarfs’ food delights. Numerous underground tunnels led in all directions from the market square so that all dwarfs could go back home. At the entrance of each tunnel, there was a little plate with the name of the dwarf who lived there making it impossible to get lost in the underground jungle. Thanks to that brilliantly simple solution dwarfs had no trouble in reaching their beds. And if you ever wondered why every street in Wrocław had its own name, now you know the answer. That’s right, this idea, like many others, has been inspired by shrewd dwarfs. And there is only one nameless street in the entire city, the street linking underground City of the Dwarfs with Wrocław. Where is it? Only dwarfs and the narrow circle of initiated humans know it and guard the secret from nosy people. So please, be kind to dwarfs, shower them with love and affection and maybe one of them will tell you someday how to find the City of the Dwarfs. Don’t forget to tell us how the trip went!