The brave Ołbin Dwarf

Piotr Włostowic was always living his life to the full. He dreamed of unbelievable adventures and far journeys. He never hesitated to make use of his fencing abilities. This, along with his sharp temper, often got him involved in conflicts and duels. His character, courage and skills were noted by the prince Bolesław Krzywousty (Wrymouth), future ruler of Poland. The prince sent the intrepid Włostowic on a dangerous mission. His assignment was to make friends with the Russian prince Wołodar and then kidnap him deceitfully. He performed his task extraordinarily well.

Since then, he enjoyed Bolesław’s deep confidence and came into a fortune. He was the guest of honour at feasts in many Silesian towns and cities. Once, he decided to travel from Wrocław to the castle in Ziębice. Feeling self-confident and at ease, Piotr was accompanied only by two trusted squires. He didn’t realise a group of cutthroats had been watching him since he left the city. They chose one of the ravines for the ambush. Utterly surprised, Włostowic was doing his best to defend himself, but the robbers had advantage over his retinue. Then, a strange thing happened. Many people don’t believe it even today. Cutthroats started to fall to the ground one by one before the very eyes of the attacked. They were knocked over by invisible and mighty power. To Piotr’s surprise, he spotted a little person among the laying robbers. The tiny liberator was looking at him keenly from under his pointing cap while curling his waist-long beard in the same time. Piotr was the first to break the silence and thanked for the help, what pleased the dwarf.That was the beginning of the unusual friendship between the brave knight and equally brave dwarf. Upon his return to Wrocław, Piotr ordered an armour with his coat of arms, the swan, for his new friend. The incident changed him so much that he decided to pay for his past offences. His atonement took the shape of 77 churches all over Silesia, including the cathedral in Ołbin district of Wrocław, where the Ołbin Dwarf comes from.