The author of the Italian dwarf’s design to visit Wroclaw and hold a workshop on cartoons

Luca Montagliani

At the invitation of Mediateka in Wroclaw, Luca Montagliani, a well-known Italian cartoon designer, will be coming to the capital of the Lower Silesia. Montagliani will be leading workshops on design for all age groups, with a special focus on children.

Luca Montagliani, a graphic designer of, among others, the Italian dwarf at Więzienna Street in Wroclaw, is one of the founding members of a cartoon design school in Genoa, Italy. At the end of June, he will be holding workshops in Mediateka, Wroclaw, and teaching children the basics of cartoon design.

Participants of the workshop will create their own designs under the master’s tutelage. A well-known story from the song ‘Kosmostumostów’ by L.U.C., the rapper and the music producer from Wroclaw, will serve as an inspiration, says Marcello Murgia, the originator of the project. The ‘Kosmostumostów’ album itself was created at the same time with a cartoon presenting the same subject, and unconventionally portrays the tale about the city of Wroclaw. It’s a satisfying subject which makes for a perfect central idea of the workshops.

Schedule of Cartoon Design Workshops:

  • 27 June (Fri), 5pm – 9pm – workshops for adults,
  • 28 June (Sat), 11am – 3pm – workshops for children,
  • 28 June (Sat), 4pm – 8pm – workshops for teenagers.

Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, 26 June, via email: