Story of Recycler

Our hero could not stand the sight of trees disappearing from the forest each day and decided to act. Commitment is, after all, the distinguishing feature of dwarves! However, instead of engaging in spectacular initiatives like tying himself to trees and threatening woodcutters, he decided to work together with Humans on the best possible recycling of resources from his forest – the paper.

Before he made the decision to which city he should go, he asked familiar dwarves where can he live pleasantly and whether something can be done there. As it seems, the most recycling-friendly people are the citizens of Wrocław! This was the first city which organized a large campaign of collecting used paper directly from “the source”. Thanks to a company called WPO Alba SA which provided dedicated containers for residents and launched a sorting plant for public garbage the level of garbage transferred to the dump sites has decreased significantly. More paper is recycled, so less trees are cut down!

Recycler decided to visit Alba and ask if he can participate in the recycling! The company welcomed him eagerly, as despite the 60-year experience and know-how of their associate from Germany they are always keen on expert advice. At the meeting they concluded: Recycler moves to Wrocław permanently and cooperates with Alba in order to increase the eco-awareness in the city. Since he is mostly interested in paper, he receives a guidebook “How to sort” and a large blue container signed “PAPER”. Equipped this way, he sets off each morning into the city streets to meet residents and tell them where does paper come from and what happens with the used paper that lands in his blue box.

His favourite place is the stone pole in Świdnicka Street, right next to Monopol Hotel, where you can surely find him. He chose this spot on purpose – not far away stands the first statue of a dwarf, which began the city tradition connected with the little ones.

Who knows, maybe in the future Recycler will invite more committed dwarves specialized in various resources and together with WPO Alba SA they will start an eco-revolution?