Say goodbye to the legendary Ikarus!

This weekend will be the last time the Ikarus bus will be on the streets as a vehicle of MPK Wrocław. Enthusiasts of public transport, and anyone else who wants to, can take the last sentimental ride in this legendary bus. There will be a special route and the tickets will be free of charge.

MPK Wrocław, together with the Club of City Transport Enthusiasts, organizes a special line, „I”, which will run on Sunday on the unusual route from Grunwald Square through John Paul II Square and Bema Square back to the Grunwald Square. The duration of this special line will be approximately 30 minutes and it will be free of charge. The event is accompanied by a competition announced by MPK. Those who take an interesting photo with Ikarus in the background and send it to will receive gifts from MPK.

MPK Wrocław says goodbye to Ikarus after 33 years of service. The first cars of the Hungarian producer appeared in Wrocław in 1981. Since then MPK Wrocław has bought up 325 such buses. The last units had over one million kilometers on the clock.

The latest Ikarus buses were scrapped after the appearance of the new MPK vehicles – low-floor, air-conditioned Solaris, which pushed away the most worn-out buses. The last of the Ikaruses will now go into the hands of enthusiasts, to be precise the Club of City Transport Enthusiasts.

There are three rides of the „I” line planned for Sunday. They begin on Grunwald Square at 11 am, 11.45 and 12.30.