Removal of Wrocław’s dwarves initiated

This way a great adventure comes to an end. From this morning on a company hired by the city administration dismantles dwarves who live on the streets of Wrocław. Before the end of this week they are all bound to be removed.

The situation is a result of steps taken by Waldemar Fydrych known as ‘the Major’, duly reported in the past few days by the press. Briefly outlining: ‘the Major’ is accusing the city of Wrocław of breaching his intellectual property rights to the Wrocław Dwarf and Orange Alternative. He demands that the city authorities publicly apologise and the court bares promoting Wrocław with dwarves. Not long ago Waldemar Fydrych claimed almost 1 million PLN for his consent to use the dwarves’ image by the city.

Mr. Rafał Dutkiewicz, Mayor of Wrocław did not attempt to conceal tears when announcing this decision. Also for us it is hard to write these words, hands all shaking over the keyboard. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done and today is the wonderful story of Wrocław and the dwarves has to end. We hope the little ones will find happiness in another place on Earth.Farewell!