Play with dwarves online!

Oder Goblin, a deceitful scoundrel trying to spoil dwarves’ feast in the Market Square of Wrocław ran away from the dungeon in the Owl Mountains. Since his escape, he keeps on teasing the inhabitants of Wrocław by spitting to their soups, freeing all hippos from the ZOO or tearing up the invitations to the feast. The Great Council of Dwarves chose Kindheart Dwarf to fight the oppressor. It’s the best choice possible – Kindheart is well known for his natural-born optimism, love for the world and a charming smile is his most dangerous weapon. Looks like there will be no fatalities in his battle with the Goblin…

If you want to help the lovely dwarf to fight the Goblin, you’re free to do it by participating in a dwarf online game. ‘ is the initiative purporting to promote Wrocław’, says Paweł Romaszkan from City Promotion Office‘Our target group are kids as we want them to learn more on the dwarves of Wrocław, like them and thus be more linked with the city’, explains Mr Romaszkan. The game consists of ten boards. All levels take place in the real city spots of Wrocław like the Cathedral Isle (Ostrów Tumski), Sczytnicki Park or the Market Square. The player has to defeat Oder Goblin by performing certain tasks on each level. It takes a lot of courage to do his! Fishing for just washed dwarves’ pants, thrown in the water by the Goblin or chasing the hippos hidden in Pergola are only small part of the challenge. The main character is Kindheart Dwarf who won the Facebook contest. Prisoner is another famous dwarf to feature in the game. You can fight the Goblin on

‘It’s only the beginning of the adventure of brave dwarves’, says Michał Kuzborski from Lama Media agency.‘We keep on creating new boards with different city spots’, he adds.

You don’t need to log in to play. However, it’s worth giving it a try – those who log in and obtain a ‘Goblin hunter’ status stand a chance of receiving a dwarf souvenir. The best and the most resilient players are classified in rank lists on the website.