Plant a piece of meadow by the Contemporary Museum

“Inspired by the idea of the artist Elżbieta Jabłońska on Wasteland of Arts, we decided to create together a garden that can change an unused area of Wrocław Contemporary Museum into a place of cultivation and spontaneous neighborhood meetings” say representatives of the museum.

Anyone who wants to take care of a patch will have the opportunity to do so. In the garden you can plant both wild flowers and ornamental plants, and vegetables or herbs. Both amateurs and people who have a long experience in the field are welcome. The museum will ensure that every lover of gardens will find a space for themselves, and flowerbed caregivers can learn from each other.

Wrocław Contemporary Museum is housed in an old bunker at Strzegomskiego Square. The flower beds can be grown from spring to autumn.

“For all volunteers we have prepared raised flower beds, a place for a herbarium, a greenhouse and a composter. We also provide the necessary tools, technical support and access to water ” says the museum’s website. The first organizational meeting will be held on 12th April at 12 at MWW.