Name a pendrive! – Contest Results

After many hours of the contest committee’s fierce discussions the 10 winners have finally been chosen. Awarded authors will be soon informed by email how to collect their rewards.

Here are the rewarded names (random order):NOTE: English versions are only translations! Original polish spellings are given in (brackets).

1. Pendrivee (Pendrajwik) – Ella Zygan

2. Cornieflower (Chaberek) – Anna Czorniej

3. Gigabyteling (GigaBajtek) – Sławomir Duda-Klimaszewski

4. The Unforgetter (Niezapominajek) – Kasia Karkowska

5. Pendwarf – Wioletta Sokół-Wawryniuk

6. Wrocpenny (Wrocpenek) – Beata Szewczyk

7. Giglet (Giguś) – Michał Kloc

8. Toolkitsy (Niezbędniks) – Magdalena Borowiec

9. Little Charmer (Urokniś) – Milena Kwasek

10. In this case it was mainly the explanation that convinced us and so we quote: Mr Lover (Kochlik) – Marzena Wawryniuk

In accordance to what his outfit is decorated with – a heart which beats for each girl in Wrocław 😉 I chose this name for such a cool dwarf with deep soul because I came up with a female version of Mr Lover, for he may be lonely in this hard work of guarding our documents inside him 🙂

Mrs Lover could be dressed in reversed colours – a red hat and blue heart in the middle, a little colder but Mr Lover would for sure warm it himself.The name is due to the hot times we live in, where many of us awaits his or her great love and with pendrive’s like these some hearts may find each other quicker…