Nadodrze flourishes. End of school celebration picnic for children

Fun Seeking Zone – this was the motto of the festival that took place in a Nadodrze courtyard to celebrate the end of the school year.

The students participated in a location-based game, built a scale model of the city, decorated their T-shirts and bags, and – most importantly – together they painted a mural and planted plants in their playground.

There was bag-making on which the students made patterns from templates, a herb dispensing point, and a display of large soap bubbles. Someone stretched a rubber band between apple trees for a jumping game, and a cardboard mock-up of the city was created nearby. Those with a competitive spirit could take part in a location-based game and numerous competitions with prizes.

A lasting reminder of the festival will be provided by the mural and the plants planted together with the residents of the surrounding houses. The children who were involved have promised to keep an eye on them. We hope they will!