Little Bard and the magical power of music

Imagine a story. Such about great heroes, great discoveries and beautiful lands. Imagine all these wonders in one place. Centuries ago the songs were such a place for dwarfs. The dwarf music had it all – stories of places, people and events.In times when the stories were not recorded it was the music that allowed them to be remembered and relived over and over again. Nobody knows how old is the greatest of dwarf bards and no one remembers exactly when he first came to the City of Dwarfs. He is affectionately called “Little Bard” by his fans.For many years he stirred the hearts of dwarves. The taverns in the Dwarf City were more than once the silent witnesses of his great shows. Both the youngest and the oldest representatives of the dwarf community used to listen to Little Bard with bated breath.

One day, after another memorable performance in one of the cafeterias, dwarfs’ euphoria was so great that many of them began to urge Little Bard to go with his music over the surface of dwarf metropolis. Little Bard did not actually need a bigger audience but the need to bring the music to the world was stronger.

When dusk was falling on the streets of the old town in Wroclaw, the sound of the melody played by Little Bard was already there. Many of Wroclaw tenants tried to locate the source of such moving music but Little Bard was able to flash unnoticed by the walls of old tenement houses and remain barely discernible.

It is not clear whether the melody played by Little Bard was that famous one. We do not know whether it was the same melody which inspired the bard well-known among humans. The legend, however, is alive, and dwarfs believe that music played by Little Bard has been always changing world for the better.