Kindness Rooms, or Wrocław Positive Feelings

Kindness Rooms are to promote joy and optimism, particularly among children who are hospitalized. The Association has just opened day care rooms, where small children can have fun, play, use the computer and take part in different workshops.

The idea of Kindness Rooms is to create places for children where they could forget that they cannot spend time at home. The originator of the idea is the Association, which is responsible for the project implementation. The rooms are divided into four areas – artistic, playing, educational and reading.

Each of these areas has got its own equipment, which is needed to learn, read, play or draw. The rooms’ design is completely original. They are equipped, among others, with the checkered carpet.

The first such room has been opened in the Falkiewicz Hospital in Wrocław, in cooperation with the company National Debt Register. The room is 28 square meters and allows children to spend almost the whole day in the room. The initiative, however, is nationwide and so further Kindness Rooms are going to be opened in other cities.

The plan is to equip 300 day care children’s rooms in hospitals throughout Poland. The initiative is also related to the celebration of the Kindness Day, which is celebrated on 21st November each year.