Italian dwarf designer to conduct workshops on comic

Laca De La Vega (Luca Montagliani), who designed Wrocław’s Italian dwarf, will teach children and adults how to make a comic book. The workshop is organized by Mediateka and the Creativro cluster.

Luca began his artistic work in 1994 in Genoa. He has collaborated with Giorgio Rebuffim, one of the most prolific authors of comics in Italy, as well as Kinder Ferrero, Rai Due, Marvel USA, Diabolik and Lucca Comics and Games. He manages the „Anexia” Cultural Association and publishes comic books featuring the adventures of his protagonist Pasol.

Luca is also the designer of the Italian dwarf, which will come to Wrocław at the end of August. His projects can already be seen on our website – this is how the Italian dwarf will look.

The workshop will make it possible to decide whether the first foreign „subsidiary” of the Italian Institute, of which Luca is one of the founders, can be created in Wrocław.

Children aged 6-13 can take part in the workshop. It will be held on Wednesday, August 28, in Mediateka by the Wrocław Puppet Theater from 10am to 12noon.

Activity Scenario:
The Italian dwarf has just arrived in Wrocław. Whilst searching for a parking space for his Vespa 125, with the help of children, artist and educator, Dr. Kamila Kaminska, he can learn more about our city.
Number of available places: 15

On the same day, from 5pm to 8pm, adults are also welcome to participate in a workshop exploring the most common perspectives on comic book narratives. We will try to answer the question of how a small dwarf could become an ambassador for tourism in Wrocław. In particular, the aim will be to make a story played out in the most famous locations in Wrocław through at least three frames.
Number of available places: 15

Workshops will be conducted in Polish.
Registration continues until August 24 and those interested in participating should send their application to