Italian Dwarf already settled in Wrocław. You can find him on Więzienna Street.

A merry dwarf drove straight into the Italian Passage on Więzienna Street in the company of pizza and Italian wine. His coach, or rather motorcycle, parked near the Capri restaurant. Let us hope that, in spite of his southern temperament he will not go away any time soon.

The Italian dwarf does not have a name, but still, he seems quite domesticated. Więziennik (aka Prisoner) is his closest neighbor, and they sip wine together in the evenings, munching ever bigger pieces of pizza. Apparently, they eat Capriciosa. According to the rumors of the Underground City of Dwarfs, it is only a fitting for the true, southern fiesta which is planned by the new tenant as a treat for his dwarf friends.

And now a few words about the new tenant… You can find him at Więzienna Street, where he is perched on a brick wall. The designer of the dwarf is Laca de la Vega, who lives in Genoa and is a comic book author. It is also worth mentioning the donors who supported the project and the creation of the dwarf.

“Thanks to the drafts we were able to get the attention of those interested in the initiative, because it was possible to see the future dwarf, which encouraged them to support the project” says Marcello Murgia, the initiator of the creation of the Italian dwarf. The coverage on Italian television station RAI in which Marcello participated, and in which the initiative of Italians who live in Wrocław was promoted, was also a great support.