III Dwarf Festival – Programme

Market Square
September 14 (Friday) 12 o’clock
The festival shall begin with a great parade, to which all citizens are invited. The parade will be organized as a dancing procession. We will start from under Aleksander Fredro’s statue in the Market Square and then circle it to enter Świdnicka Street, via which the parade will walk to the Oldtown Park.
Oldtown Park
September 14 (Friday) – from 12 to 6 PM
September 15 (Saturday) – from 11 AM to 5 PM
The Oldtown Park will become the centre of all that’s going to happen during the Festival. When entering the park, you will in fact enter the land of Wrocław dwarves and feel the magical atmosphere. Although most of the attractions are aimed at the young dwarves, the adults are also going to be entertained by various events and contests.
The festival’s programme includes the following amongst other things:

  • pottery workshops – making dwarf figures using clay
  • a competition for schools – decorating models of dwarf houses
  • an individual contest – “Colorizing Wrocław”
  • creating a large scale dwarf garden
  • games in the mini-household surrounded by illustrations from the book „Gnomes”
  • in the “Little Dwarf” city, the part for children, animators will have many interesting games and toys for kids to offer – there will be special spots with crayons, paints and cut-outs.
  • A tour for adults – “Murals of Wrocław – those who paint at night” (starting from the park, Saturday at 3 PM).

Apart from that, you can enjoy the stands provided by the fashionable Wrocław cafés: Sweet Hocus Pocus, Little Red Table and Muffinery. At all these spots you can expect special dwarf products in low prices.
VRATISLAVIA FOR DWARVES (DWARFISLAVIA CANTANS ??? ) – a festival of not-so-serious songs
Tickets for this event are available at the Lower Silesian Tourist Information Office (PL: Dolnośląska Informacja Turystyczna) located at Cloth Halls 12 (PL: Sukiennice 12).
Wrocław Puppet Theatre
September 14 (Friday) – 7 PM
September 15 (Saturday) – 6 PM
The evening section of our festival will consist of cabaret shows. This year under the theme “Dwarfislavia Cantans – a festival of not-so-serious songs”. The first day we will see a couple of very gifted artists such as Czesuaf, Żak and Szpak or Liquidmime. The second day the Wrocław Puppet Theatre will host a cabaret gala. It will begin with Artur Andrus’s performance, after whom the artists from Hrabi will take on. The last attraction of that evening will be a live performance of the well-known Polish cabaret TV show: Heirs.
During the second festival day don’t forget to make the tour from the Market Square, and Świdnicka Street, Theatre Square to the Oldtown Park. You’ll find Amazing Dwarf Stations. By each you will get a chance to take pictures of using some dwarf stand that portrays a scene from dwarf’s life in Wrocław.
Each of the stations is an attraction itself or has one around:

  • An illusionist’s show and learning magic tricks,
  • Freestylers who will make tricks with a ball,
  • Puppeteers from Wrocław and their theatric workshops.
  • A specially built two-metre figure of a dwarf, which will definitely attract the young visitors.
  • Animations run by a group of stilt-walking specialists

September 15 (Saturday) – 11.30 AM – 3 PM
An excellent role play for a bit older dwarves (over 15). A well-known for his photos dwarf – Hipster is being accused of a non-dwarf conduct, stealing money for this year’s edition of the festival and other unworthy actions.
Is all what he advertised on posters, flyers and the Internet a fake? Only those who carry a real dwarf in the hearts can learn the dark truth.
Full of dark colour, this comedy with a hint of thrill will provide tremendous fun for participants. The winning teams will get outstanding prizes – Amazon Kindle readers, muffin cakes and other surprise prizes.
Enrollment of teams with a max of three members is possible by sending between the 1st and 12th of September an email with the participants’ private data (full name, age, telephone contact, email address) to zapisy@exploring.pl or enroll at site. The spots are limited!
In the evening of both days, those who walk into the right bar with a hand-made dwarf hat will get a special price on drinks from a special menu. It’s our way of appreciating the older dwarves. After all we are all dwarves…