How big is the Dwarf City?

The decision to tell people is subject to a heated discussion and is being considered by the Coucil of the Sage or Great Dwarf Council.

Judging from the leaks, the underground city is immense. As far as we know, the city used to exist just under the surface of the Earth but the sewage system and all ‘underground’ ventures forced the dwarves to move below and below. Hence, the City is not uniform and its neighbourhoods do not touch one another. The districts resemble underground halls of a salt mine, full of tangled corridors. Those connecting the city to Wrocław have dead ends and crescents. All for safety reasons – to protect the dwarves from unwanted visitors. It is more or less estimated that the city’s size is similar to Wrocław. Unfortunately, we can’t say if a human being could fit the tiny and meticulously dug corridors. What we know, though, is that Wrocław is moving towards fuller understating between the people and the dwarves.