Game Designers Help Children

Le Supersquirrel sets out for a journey across Europe to help kids from orphanages!
A Wrocław-based company – Taploft – which is responsible for preparing the mobile version of a game called “HappyTale” (developed by Can’t Stop Games), decided to join the “Złombol 2012” initiative and help our team in conquering the Greek Olimpia. The team will take its journey in the legendary Fiat 125p, already nicknamed “Mint-Flyer” by internet users.
What is “Złombol” actually? It’s a spectacular rally of old cars across Europe. The event is charitable and the aim is to collect the largest possible sum of money to buy goods for children in orphanages.
During the period of 2007-2008 the rally’s destination was Monaco. In 2009 contestants reached the arctic circle. In 2010 an amazing number of 121 teams set out in direction of Istanbul. In 2011 it was already 130 teams, that started the race to Loch Ness. During last year’s edition over 230 000 PLN was collected (from over 700 donors)! Thanks to that, kids in orphanages have received computers, games, educational programmes, TVs, bedclothes, bikes and accessories toys, artistic tools and much more things that made them smile happily. This year’s route is presented at:
Le Supersquirrel is a plushy squirrel, the mascot of Taploft and a character from “HappyTale” too. HappyTale is a game with 340 000 players at Nasza-Klasa. The charming pet does not have a name yet, so you can propose it by sending to This Squirrel-Globetrotter is meant to become a symbolic correspondent for Mint-Flyer’s team and regularly publish news from the journey on a dedicated blog. Taploft intends to sell the squirrel and its journey documentation later on during a special charitable auction for children.
Other companies have also joined the Mint-Flyer’s support as sponsors, some of them related to the gaming industry: Can’t Stop Games, Techland, Tequila Mobile (businesses from Wrocław integrated by participating in the Creativro cluster) and Ganymede based in Cracow. Mint-Flyer is besides that supported by Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency and University of Lower Silesia. Until the start of this year’s rally which is predicted to take place on September 15 you can become a donor to its cause – all donations will be used fully and solely to help children!
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*Le Supersquirrel – a squirrel globetrotter. Reporter inspired by the travels of Wojciech Cejrowski. He joins the journey as Złombol’s correspondent. You may therefore expect a bit juicy news coverage…!