Winners of the Wroclaw dwarf story competition!

krasnale-konkursFrom May 1 to June 30, we collected stories and plays inspired by the Wroclaw dwarfs. The time has come to reward the works selected by the jury and announce to everyone that during this year’s Dwarf Festival, Gili Gili theater will perform two spectacles created on the basis of the competition texts.

Wroclaw Dwarfs Festival is approaching very fast. Like every year, this year’s event will see new adventures of Wroclaw Dwarfs on stage. Two of them are inspired by the works awarded in the competition for the story of the Wroclaw dwarfs, which has just ended.

Prizes – Amazon Kindle book readers – will go to two Wroclaw residents:
Agnieszka Poznańska for the story Sensation and Katarzyna Krzeminska for the story Everyone has their own power.

These women’s stories appealed most to the jury, and they will inspire the theater group Gili Gili to create new spectacles featuring the dwarfs as main protagonists. The premiere performances will be held on September 17 (the second day of the Dwarf Festival) on the Summer Stage of Wroclaw Puppet Theatre. We will soon reveal more details of the celebration of the Wroclaw dwarfs.