What is the “Daily life of dwarfs” like? See it at the exhibition!

For many centuries, the physical existence of dwarfs was denied, all reports about them turned into fairy tale, and all products of their hands that were found attributed to man. It is only in the last few years that dwarfs have increasingly become the subject of serious research.

The material remains of dwarf culture have been discovered over many decades during archaeological excavations carried out in different parts of Europe, but their correct identification took place only in 2003, when at the square at St. Elizabeth Church in Wrocław the relics of dwarf prehistoric and medieval settlement were uncovered.

A large collection of everyday objects was found here. Due to their size they could not have been used by people as tools. The size of these objects clearly shows that they could have fulfilled their function only when used by individuals not taller than 4-12 inches.

The exhibition will present various areas of the everyday life of dwarfs – from work, through various forms of housing and transportation, to manifestations of art – illustrated with original relics from the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Wrocław and the Museum of Opole Silesia.

The exhibition is supplemented by iconographic materials presenting dwarf cultural artifacts, discovered in the course of archaeological research in Central Europe and the Mediterranean.