Welcome the first day of spring on Słodowa Island

This time we will celebrate the arrival of spring throughout the entire weekend. On SłodowaIsland there will be a circus and an artistic zone and you will be able to participate in physical activities and listen to outdoor concerts. The weather is expected to be very good, so we invite you now!

There will be several themed zones on Słodowa and Piaskowa Islands, and everyone will find something for themselves. The event will start on Friday, March 21, at 11 am, and end at 10 pm. Admission is free.

On Słodowa Island there will be a circus and artistic zone. And so, for two days it will be possible to try air acrobatics, learn New Zealand poi dance, walk on stilts, or try flowersticks. In addition, you will be able to take part in various workshops dedicated to drumming, jewelry making, scrapbooking or building your own, unique wings.

Traditionally, there will also be the drowning of marzanna. Under the supervision of one of the lecturers of the Puppetry Arts Department of Wrocław Theater School – Marcin Rasiak, the annual ritual of throwing puppets into water will turn into a two-day happening. Participants are asked to bring different colored plastic bottles, paper and other recyclable materials that will be used to make puppets.

The workshops will be accompanied by creative actions: a wall of spring notes and spring painting, Hyde Park, Crazy Fryz Salon and competitions for the best costume and the most interesting hairstyle.

An important element of the event will involve electrowaste collection, for which there will be special containers. We encourage all citizens of Wrocław to air out their homes in the spring and get rid of unnecessary equipment. On Słodowa Island there will also be an Eco-tent, which will hold lectures, demonstrations and presentations on healthy food and lifestyle and active forms of leisure.

In the meantime, Piaskowa Island will turn into a sports center. There will be a climbing wall and it will be possible to take part in a table football tournament to win the title of king and queen of spring. For those seeking extreme experiences there will be laser paintball, while unusual sports enthusiasts will be interested in interactive demonstrations of non-Olympic disciplines (such as softball, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, rugby).

Evenings will be dominated by concerts. On the first day there will Maleo Reggae Rockers, whose performance will be preceded by a fire show – a picture painted with fire, prepared by five young artists from Wrocław and Nysa. In addition, on Friday there will be performances from local bands: Blue Balls Effect, Blind Cow, People of the Haze and Charles Moon. On Saturday there will be shows from the following bands: Snake Chammer, Symbioza, Scoffers Band, Children of the Revolution, M&M’Skład and star of the evening – Rabastabarbar band. Concerts will take place from 4 pm to 9.30 pm.