We are looking for the owner of a dwarf! Banker has disappeared from the Wrocław market

You will not believe what has happened to Banker. Someone has snatched him! And perhaps for this reason the dwarf would be very happy, but unfortunately, someone was very mischievous and snatched Banker with his roots. And then abandoned him! The Dwarf went to Wrocław Municipal Police.

The Municipal Police, concerned about the fate of the dwarf and the fate of the residents who will look to find him at Wrocław Market, turned to us for help. Banker feels very lonely and would like to return to his former place. In addition, he still holds in his hand a wad of money that could be useful to someone in need.

Therefore we are looking for the owner of Banker! The person who invented the dwarf, took care of his place and could help bring him back to the market. If you know something about this, speak to us on redakcja@krasnale.pl or through the contact form.